Our Rates

Professional Pet Services in Oakville

The tasks, timing and prices below serve as a guideline, based on the most popular requests for service.  If your needs fall outside of the below,  we are happy to work with you to find the best solution in terms of timing, price, etc.

Whether it’s a twice a day, a Monday to Friday walking programme, vacation coverage for a week in the summer , an overnight stay when you’re away for the weekend or a combination of all these, my goal is to provide personalized service with care and consideration.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

Private Dog Walking & Visits

One Visit / Day Daily Rate Weekly / 5 Days (Mon-Fri)
30 minutes  $17.50  $98 including HST
40-45 minutes (very limited availability) $20-22 $124 including HST
Two Visits / Day
 *based on availability  TBD

Each visit will include walk on varied routes, leash training (if applicable) or backyard play, water refills, food, treats, pee pad check, general house security, etc.

Cats &  Birds  – rates for 1 pet…please inquire for multi-pet homes

Daily Rate
One Visit /Day $16 + tax Monday-Friday
One Visit/Day $17 + tax  Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holidays

Each visit include checking on pets, feeding, refreshing water, litter change,playtime & basic house checks (lights, windows, etc)

Puppy or Senior Visits

 One Visit /Day Daily Rate
 15-20 minutes $16.50 + tax Monday-Friday
One Visit/Day $17 + tax Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holidays

Each visit will include feeding, refreshing water, playtime or assistance for backyard business, medication if needed, pee pad change, basic house checks (lights, windows, etc)

Daily recaps on your pets time with us, via email or text are included if you wish. We’ll keep you informed regularly, but if you’re more comfortable hearing from us after every visit  for the first couple of weeks, that’s ok too.

1 – Minimum $17 per visit. Pricing factors include number & type of pets, location, time of visits & frequency of service.  HST is applicable on all services.

2 – Surcharges apply for Saturday & Sunday service and Statutory holidays, TBA

Emergencies Happen

If you are an established Leash and Keys client, we also offer on-call emergency coverage if you’re delayed at work, stuck in traffic, locked out of your home or unexpectedly away.