Dependable Cat Sitting in Oakville

Trustworthy, Friendly Cat Sitting

Cats are most comfortable in their own surroundings. Why upset their routine when you can hire Leash and Keys to come in and care for your cats while you’re away? Cat Sitting is actually a pretty significant part of our business and we have many long term clients that know we’ll be there to help whenever they’re planning a vacation or work trip.

Unlike dog sitting, we know that with cats we’re probably not going to get a happy, over the top reception when we walk in the door, and we’re ok with that! In fact, sometimes we don’t even see a cat while we’re on site. Part of our initial orientation is learning all about your cat’s habits and we ask “if Casey doesn’t come while I’m here, would you like me to find him?” This may seem like an odd question, but it’s up to you, our client, whether you want us checking under the beds, etc, trying to find your pet or whether they’d probably prefer to just be left alone.

Cat Sitting in Oakville & Nearby Areas

Alternatively, if your cat is social and likes playing, we’re pleased to spend the time with him and his favourite toys while we’re there. Orientation prior to any Cat Sitting assignment is an important part of our service process and it’s always complimentary (with a minimum of 5 scheduled visits)

Along with caring for your family felines, all Cat Sitting visits will include a check of your home, lights, curtains, etc. Whatever you would like, just ask!

Cat Sitting Oakville

Cat Sitting Oakville