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Reliable, Friendly Dog Sitting Services

When do we offer Dog Sitting? Any time your pets are at home but you are not. Going away for a day, a long weekend, March break ? If your dog has an independent personality, prefers the comfort of home versus the noisy, restricted setting of a kennel or isn’t a good candidate for private boarding the Leash and Keys Dog Sitting programme is a great alternative.

(Dog sitting is also a good option for homes with multiple dogs/pets.)

Every Dog Sitting assignment is different which is why we meet with you in your home for a consultation to determine the best structure and schedule of care while you’re away. Each visit, whether it’s once, twice or three times a day can include a leashed walk, play time in the back yard, food & water refreshers, administering of medication and general house check duties.

If your dog is a nervous sleeper, we also offer overnight stays as part of the Leash and Keys Pyjama Party Programme.

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