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When do we offer Dog Sitting? Any time your pets are at home but you are not. Going away for a long weekend, March break, an extended family vacation ? If your dog has an independent personality, prefers the comfort of home versus the noisy, restricted setting of a kennel or isn’t a good candidate for private boarding the Leash and Keys Dog Sitting programme is a great alternative. We have had many very successful assignments with dogs that have stayed at home alone…they are surprisingly happy and calm.  It’s not for every dog but it could be just right for your dog!

Every Dog Sitting assignment is different, so I’ll ask lots of questions and together we’ll determine the best structure and schedule of care while you’re away. Each visit, whether it’s two or three times a day can include a leashed walk, play time in the back yard, food & water refreshers, administering of medication and general house check duties.

If your dog is a nervous sleeper, we also offer overnight stays as part of the Leash and Keys Pyjama Party Programme.

Dog Sitting Oakville