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Why Hire Leash and Keys?

Your dog needs daily exercise in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy. If you’re unable to regularly walk your dog every 4-6 hours because of work schedules, health issues or any other reason, engaging a dog walking service is an investment worth making.

Leash and Keys specializes in private one- on- one excursions from your home, so your pet will never need to travel in a car or be grouped together with other dogs. Almost every tragic story associated with dog walkers originates with pets being out in multi-dog packs, transported in vehicles and/or taken to leash free areas. For these reasons, we do not offer group walks. While it’s true that group walking garners the highest compensation for dog walkers, our top priority is the safety of your pet(s).

However, if you have 2 or 3 dogs in your family that regularly walk together, that’s something we can talk about. Thankfully, Oakville is a very fitness -friendly city and in many neighbourhoods there are plenty of trails available for dogs that prefer “off roading”. Also, if your dog really likes play time and you have a fenced yard, we can incorporate a walk & play combo visit for the best of both worlds. Please note that we never allow a dog off leash unless it’s in your secure yard.

For every dog there is the perfect dog walker, which is why we always schedule a complimentary meet and greet for all prospective new clients.

Neighbourhoods We Are Currently Servicing:

Because all of our walks are private from your home, within a specified time range, it is necessary to limit the neighbourhoods we service within Oakville.

Please note that ongoing dog walking services are currently offered in:

  • Glen Abbey:  Upper Middle to QEW,  from 3rd Line to Dorval/16 Mile Creek
  • South Central Oakville:  Kerr Village & Lakeshore from downtown to 3rd Line
  • South West Oakville:  QEW to Lakeshore, Dorval to 3rd Line

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to offer Dog Walking in areas not specified above.

Dog Walkers Oakville Ontario

Dog Walkers Oakville Ontario